Quarter Reflection

Overall, I definitely feel that my speaking skills improved throughout the course of the quarter. While I did come into the class feeling somewhat confident about my speaking skills, I knew that I had a lot to work on, primarily getting nervous before big speeches. I felt like my progress in the course and as […]

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Round 3 Evaluation

Overall, my speeches in Round 3 I was pretty happy with. Although I got the presentation order of them confused, and did a commemorative speech before my persuasive policy speech. The commemorative speech was an easy decision, of course it would be about my deceased step-grandfather Jim Frisbie. I tried to deliver a speech that […]

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Round 2 Evaluation

Round 2 was an interesting beast, to say the least. The death of my step-grandfather in some ways set me back on a lot of the progress I felt I had made in the class up to that point. I sort of lost the ability to focus for a week or so, and my grades […]

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Round 1 Evaluation

In the first round of speeches, I wanted to establish my sense of confidence and interest in politics. While my first speech went well (current event), the topic was somewhat too dense, and could have been better in the end. I chose to speak about the Trump administration’s Sarin gas bombing in Syria, and it […]

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