Round 2 Evaluation

Round 2 was an interesting beast, to say the least.

The death of my step-grandfather in some ways set me back on a lot of the progress I felt I had made in the class up to that point. I sort of lost the ability to focus for a week or so, and my grades suffered for it across the board.

That being said, I only presented one speech in the second round, the informative long speech. I chose to do this speech on the ongoing migrant crisis happening in Europe. Since it is a somewhat controversial topic, I aimed to make the coverage I did of it as impartial as possible, and touch on all possible angles.

However, I wasn’t prepared to present the speech on my assigned day, and had to take a grade penalty and present it late. This in of itself made the presentation not necessarily accurate of my actual public speaking skills, since it was a far more private setting.

Moving forward I wanted to be both more prepared and have a better flow to my speeches, because again with the heady political topic it was difficult to make it follow solid logic that made sense to people who aren’t me.


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