Round 3 Evaluation

Overall, my speeches in Round 3 I was pretty happy with. Although I got the presentation order of them confused, and did a commemorative speech before my persuasive policy speech.

The commemorative speech was an easy decision, of course it would be about my deceased step-grandfather Jim Frisbie. I tried to deliver a speech that synthesized what I thought his best qualities were, and felt that it was a pretty strong outing. My only self-criticism moving forward was that the speech itself was on the shorter side, and it would have been more effective if I had included some personal anecdotes.

The next speech I did was a persuasive policy speech, and I decided to make its focus on pushing for support of free trade policies. This was my final political speech of the quarter, and I may have acted against my better judgement by trying a complex topic again. While I think it went better than previous outings I had done, it was still difficult to make the subject matter relatable and interesting to the audience I was presenting to.

Finally, the last speech I made was a life philosophy speech in which I covered what I think has defined my college experience so far, persevering in the face of failure and adversity. This I think was actually one of the best speeches I presented all quarter, as I was effective at making eye contact and felt like I presented the speech in a very extemporaneous matter. The last day of the class was the day that I finally felt very comfortable in speaking with virtually no notes, which I think paid off i the end.


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